BioPorto Diagnostics have through dedicated research and product development been able to offer a strong range of antibodies and Immunoassays, which can be used for pharmaceutical as well as scientific research. We offer several antibodies with high specificity within medical specialties such as Obesity, Diabetes and Primary Immune Deficiency.

Our dedicated approach to identify and target biomarkers addressing unmet clinical needs in the management of acute conditions has enabled us to offer a novel biomarker for the diagnosis of acute kidney injury.
We have launched The NGAL Test, a market leading unique immunoassay solution for early risk assessment of acute kidney injury in several medical and surgical specialties.  

The NGAL Test is not avaliable in the USA for in vitro diagnostic use.

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As early AKI detection counts

The NGAL Test – first diagnostic acute kidney injury biomarker which can be measured in both human urine and plasma. NGAL measurements are useful in the diagnosis of acute kidney injury which may lead to acute renal failure.

The NGAL Test is not available in the USA for in vitro diagnostic use.

We have also launched a unique range of NGAL human an animal antibodies and ELISA kits for research on nephrotoxity.

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Enter our world of high quality monoclonal antibodies and immunoassays. We offer highly specific antibodies for pharmaceutical research and in vitro diagnostic test.

We have unique antibodies in areas such as diabetes and obesity, allergy and immune deficiency.

Lateral flow
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New generic strip

With the new gRAd OneDetection Kit YOU have all needed to speed up your research and develop your own custom lateral flow assays.

Developing your own customized lateral flow assay has now become easier and faster with the gRAD OneDetection Kit. Using BioPorto Diagnostics' gRAD One Detection Kit, you will be able to develop a new test in just a couple of weeks.