MBL oligomer deficient serum, B/C genotype (human)

Cat.No. SER 103

Cat. No.
SER 103
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MBL oligomer deficient serum, B/C genotype (human)

The serum was tested negative for HBsAg and for antibodies against HIV 1, HIV-2 and HCV. Blood from a healthy donor (MBL genotype B/B without promoter defects) was collected in flasks without anticoagulant and allowed to clot. Serum was collected after centrifugation and pooled. After mixing, 1-ml aliquots of the serum was pipetted into 1-ml cryotubes. The material was frozen at -20°C.However, as no test method can offer complete security that infectious agents are absent, the calibrators and patients’ specimens should be handled at Biosafety Level 2 as recommended for any potentially infectious human serum or blood specimen in the CDC/NIH manual “Biosafety In Microbiology and Biomedical Laboratories”, 1999. Solutions containing human serum should be treated as potentially infectious and handled accordingly. 

Frozen, undiluted human serum

Human MBL is an opsonin, which activates the complement system on binding to microbial polysaccharides. Plasma concentrations of normally oligomerized MBL range from 0 to 7000 ng/ml and may be below 50 ng/ml in up to 12% of healthy Caucasian blood donors. Low plasma concentrations may be associated with an inherited opsonin defect. MBL from donors of B/B genotype is poorly oligomerized and gives low readings in MBL assays selective for oligomerized MBL.