gRAD OneDetection- 120 strips

Cat.No. gRAD1-120

Cat. No.
Product name
gRAD OneDetection- 120 strips

The gRAD OneDetection strips are designed to easily develop custom lateral flow devices. As the gRAD OneDetection strip is generic, the use of two analyte specific antibodies: a biotinylated antibody and a gold colloid conjugated detection antibody that are mixed in a optimized concentration - allows both qualitative and semi-quantitative mmeasure with the gRAD OneDetection strip. Use of the supplied calibration card allows both qualitative and semi-quantitative measure with the gRAD OneDetection strip.


The detection antibodies used with the gRAD OneDetection strips must be from either mouse, rabbit or goat and goldconjugated. The capture antibodies must be biotinylated.

Assay time
15 - 20 minutes in optimized assay.
Sample dilution
Sample material should be liquid in the form of urine, serum, plasma, drinking water or solid material dissolved in the Sample Dilution Buffer.

The gRAD OneDetection - 120 strips includes 6 calibration cards. The Sample Dilution Buffer (Cat. no. SDB50) must be purchased separately. 

2-8 C. Do not freeze.
Regulatory status
For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Yang M et al (2013)Development of a quick and simple detection methodology for foot-and-mouth disease virus serotypes O, A and Asia 1 using a generic RapidAssay Device. Virology Journal, 10:125

Yang M et al (2015) Development of a multiplex lateral flow strip test for foot-and-mouthdisease virus detection using monoclonal antibodies. Jour Vir Meths 221:119–126