Human NGAL monomer-specific ELISA Kit

Cat.No. KIT 048

Cat. No.
KIT 048
Product name
Human NGAL monomer-specific ELISA Kit

An ELISA for the in-vitro determination of human NGAL monomer in urine, EDTA plasma and Li-Heparin plasma. 

Assay range

10-1000 pg/mL

Assay time
<4 hours
Limit of detection

4 pg/mL

Sample dilution
Species reactivity (positive)

Human monomer NGAL (neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin)

During the past 5 years, researchers around the world have discussed and debated different theories about NGAL molecular forms (monomer, homodimer, heterodimer). The discussions have been about which of the forms are the predominant in different clinical situations, and also if one form is more specific for one clinical diagnosis than the other is.

The Human NGAL monomer-specific ELISA Kit, offers the possibility to specifically measure the monomeric form of NGAL.
Regulatory status
For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Other information
Pre-coated plate and ready-to-use reagents.
Application 1

A clinical research study have shown that monomer NGAL is the predominant molecular form of NGAL in a mixed ICU population (1)

Application 2

A clinical research study have shown, that in patients suffering from sepsis, the monomer form of NGAL is the predominant and hence that both monomer and total NGAL are both excellent biomarkers for AKI (2).

1. Bangert K, Rosenkilde N, Jørgensen JP, Baer A, Uttenthal OU (2012) Immunochemical Determination of Monomer, Homodimer and Total Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin. American Society of Nephrology, San Diego.

2. Bangert K, Baer A, Hjortrup PB, Perner A, Uttenthal LO (2013) The Monomer is the Major Form of NGAL in Urine and Plasma in Severe Sepsis. American Society of Nephrology, Atlanta.


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