Cat.No. KIT 044

Cat. No.
KIT 044
Product name

A quantitative assay for  the in vitro determination of pig NGAL in urine, plasma, serum, tissue extracts or culture media.

Assay range

4-400 pg/mL

Assay time
<4 hours
Limit of detection

1 pg/mL

Species reactivity (positive)

Pig NGAL (Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin)

NGAL determination allows kidney injury to be detected almost as soon as it occurs, and not at the later stage when the consequences of impaired kidney function can be detected by existing routine tests and the damage has been consolidated.
The pig is an often used experimental model for medical research because of its close resemblance to humans. Pigs are being used in everything from experimental treatments to experimental surgical procedures. The pharmaceutical industry is also looking more and more to pigs as a model for drug safety assessment in drug development as pigs are claimed to be more robust than the traditional dog models and in some cases a better mirror model of humans than dogs or even monkeys.
The Pig NGAL ELISA Kit allows for the determination of rises in pig NGAL concentrations and hence the extent of renal injury, including nephrotoxic injury, to be determined, e.g. in the following settings:
Medical research
Veterinary research
Discovery, Research and Development
Pre-clinical phase
Regulatory status
RUO - Research Use Only.
Other information
Kit features Highly reproducible and easy to use Ready-to-use working solutions Ready-to-use calibrators Pre-coated 96-well ELISA plate All incubations performed at room temperature Easy storage All components are stored at 4°C Requires only standard ELISA equipment

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