Anti-yENaC (y−subunit epithelial sodium channel)

Cat.No. CAM 003-07

Cat. No.
CAM 003-07
Product name
Anti-yENaC (y−subunit epithelial sodium channel)

Mouse monoclonal antibody


CAM 003-07 is specific for the inhibitory tract of human yENaC subunit.


The inhibitory peptide from the human yENaC subunit. EAESWNSVSEGKQPRFSHRIPLC corresponding to amino acid residue 139-160 of human yENaC subunit.

Species reactivity (positive)
Species reactivity (negative)
Not determined
Clone number

The epitope is on the inhibitory tract of human yENaC. The epitope differs from that of CAM 005-02.


Available in 200 µL and 1 mL size.1 mg/mL +/- 15%. See Certificate of Analysis for details.

Protein-A purified
0.01 M phosphate buffer, pH 7.4, containing 0.5 M NaCl and 15 mM sodium azide
4-8ºC without exposure to light. No precautions necessary during handling.

The epithelial sodium channel (ENaC) of the kidney is necessary for extracellular volume homeostasis and normal arterial BP. Activity of ENaC is enhanced by proteolytic cleavage of the t-subunit and putative release of a 43-amino acid inhibitory tract from the y-subunit ectodomain.

Application 1

CAM 003-07 was used in ELISA. A sandwich ELISA can be made using CAM 003-07 (1-4 μg/ml) as the capture antibody and biotinylated CAM 005-02 (0.05 - 0.2 μg/ml) as the detection antibody in order to detect the peptide from the inhibitory tract (AA 138-131).

The calibration curve of a sandwich assay for Anti-yENaC using CAM 003-07 as the capture antibody and CAM 005-02B as the biotinylated detection antibody. 
Application 2

CAM 003-07 was used in Western Blot.

WB performed with CAM 003-07 on a lysate of HEK293 cells transfected with and without γENaC.

Lane 1 loaded with 5µg

Lane 2 loaded with 10µg

Lane 3 loaded with 20 µg

Application 3

CAM 003-07 was used in immunohistochemistry.

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