Anti-Factor XII (human, heavy chain)

Cat.No. CAM 011-05B

Cat. No.
CAM 011-05B
Product name
Anti-Factor XII (human, heavy chain)

Mouse monoclonal antibody


CAM 011-05 binds the heavy chain of human factor XII, including factor XII derivatives such as α-factor XIIa and α-factor XIIa C1-inhibitor complexes.


Affinity purified human factor XII.

Species reactivity (positive)
Species reactivity (negative)
Not determined
Clone number

Differs from CAM 011-37.


Available in 50 µg/mL size.1 mg/mL +/- 15%. See Certificate of Analysis for details.

Protein-A purified
0.01 M phosphate buffer, pH 7.4, with 0.14 M NaCl and 15 mM sodium azide
4-8ºC without exposure to light. No precautions necessary during handling.

Factor XII is a component in the coagulation cascade. It is a plasma glycoprotein that participates in the initiation of blood coagulation, fibrinolysis, and the generation of bradykinin and angiotensin. Prekallikrein is cleaved by factor XII to form kallikrein, which then cleaves factor XII to a-factor XIIa, which in turn activates factor XI to factor XIa.

Application 1


CAM 011-05B (approximately 2 μg/mL) was used as a detection antibody when used in combination with CAM 011-37 as a capture antibody (1-4 μg/mL) to measure Total factor XII, including

factor XII derivatives such as  α-factor XIIa and  α-factor XIIa C1-inhibitor complexes.

The calibration curve of a sandwich assay for Anti-Factor XII using CAM 011-37 as the capture antibody and CAM 011-05B as the biotinylated detection antibody. 

1. Madsen DE, Sidelmann J, Overgaard K, Koch C, Brodersen Gram J (2013) ELISA for determination of total coagulation factor XII concentration in human plasma. J Imm Meth 394:32–9.