BioPorto introduces new company page design featuring a webshop section

April 2014

Order first class antibodies and unique acute kidney biomarker (NGAL) directly from market leading supplier

As a focused supplier of unique antibodies and novel biomarkers, BioPorto is proud to announce that we today have unveiled a new company website. The new website is designed to give a clear overview of the unique BioPorto product portfolio. A portfolio based on a focused approach towards improving diagnostic tests in research settings and for health care professionals around the world.

BioPorto webshop
Bioporto wants to bring the advantages of our unique antibodies, immunoassays and novel biomarkers out to as many researchers and health care professionals as possible. Our clear aim is to make our products and scientific information accessible for as many as possible, which is our main reasoning behind our introduction of a webshop. Our products are presented in order to improve accessibility of scientific and product information.

Payment is made easy through credit card payment.

You can visit the new website and webshop at

About BioPorto Diagnostics A/S
BioPorto Diagnostics A/S is an in-vitro diagnostics company that provides healthcare professionals in clinical and research settings a range of diagnostic tests and antibodies. Our pioneering product portfolio includes assays for underserved disease states such as NGAL for acute kidney injury. We sell our products in more than 80 countries through diverse sales channels and partners. BioPorto has its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark and is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen stock exchange.

For questions or comments, please contact Marketing Manager Thomas Lowes - Tel.: +45 4529 0000