An expansion of BioPorto Diagnostics Metabolic Marker Portfolio

Launch of New Oxyntomodulin Antibodies (OXM)

January 2018

BioPorto Diagnostics is excited to now offer (OXM) Oxyntomodulin (human) Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies for obesity and diabetes metabolic research.
The following antibodies have been added to our portfolio and website:
Cat.No. ABS 059-20
Cat.No. ABS 059-20 B
Cat.No. ABS 064-23
Cat.No. ABS 064-46
Cat. No. BW 043 (ABS 064-46 & ABS 059-20B)

Oxyntomodulin is a peptide hormone of 37 amino-acid residues (29-amino acid sequence of glucagon, with an 8-amino acid carboxy-terminal extension) produced by the L cells of the gut. It modulates gastric acid secretion from the oxyntic cells of the stomach, inhibits appetite and has glucose lowering effects. Oxyntomodulin is produced by cell-type-specific processing of proglucagon that forms as well glicentin, GLP-1 and GLP-2 in the L cells of the intestinal mucosa.
Learn more about the new antibodies on our website.