New antibodies in the area of complement and infectious diseases

Launch of new antibodies

September 2015

We are now offering an excellent new C3 antibody, and antibodies for Pertussis toxin.

Anti-Complement Component C3

Anti-Pertussis Toxin

Anti-Pertussis Toxin

Pertussis Toxin Matched Antibody Pair

We are pleased to add these antibodies to our infectious disease and complement portfolio.

Pertussis toxin (islet-activating protein) is the major protein toxin produced by virulent strains of Bordetella pertussis, the organism that causes whooping cough.

C3 is a central component of the complement system. Cleavage of C3 into C3b (177 kDa) and C3a (9 kDa) is a pivotal step in the complement activation cascade, which can be initiated by three distinct pathways—the classical, the lectin and the alternative complement pathway.

The addition of these antibodies is another step towards expanding the BioPorto Diagnostics antibody portfolio to include even more interesting targets.