NEW PRODUCT: Launch of antibodies Anti-Complement C4c

Measure C4c with our new antibodies

May 2015

BioPorto Diagnostics is happy to launch yet another unique product:

Anti-Complement component C4c Matched Antibody Pair

The pair can be used to measure C4c. Measurement of C4c provides an opportunity to estimate in vivo
activation of complement induced via the classical and lectin pathway.

The pair consists of CAM 072-18 as the capture antibody and HYB 162-02B as the biotinylated detection
The antibodies can be purchased seperately as well.

C4c is a component in the complement cascade and is a degradation product of C4b which is cleaved
by C4b/C3b inactivator to yield C4d and C4c (soluble). C4c consists of a ƴ-chain (30 kDa),
a β-chain (75 kDa), and two α-domains denoted α3 (27 kDa) and a4 (14 kDa). C4c reacts with
C1 and C2 to form C3 convertase of the classic activation pathway.