Product launch - now commercially available

Human NGAL monomer-specific ELISA Kit

September 2014

BioPorto Diagnostics is now launching a new ELISA kit, which will strengthen the global offering of products for measuring and analyzing the kidney biomarker NGAL (neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin).

During the past 5 years, researchers around the world have discussed and debated different theories about NGAL molecular forms (monomer, homodimer, heterodimer). The discussions have been about which of the forms are the predominant in different clinical situations, and if one form is more specific for one clinical diagnosis than the other is.

BioPorto's new ELISA Kit will enable researchers to measure the monomeric form of NGAL with a highly specific assay for monomeric NGAL, which cross-reacts less than 1 % with the homo-dimer form of NGAL.

BioPorto's research team has already communicated two different clinical findings, with the monomeric NGAL assay. This took place at the annual meeting for American Society of Nephrology in both 2012 and 2013. Please view the two posters by Bangert et al, by using this link.